KMMITS has well equipped computer center to cater for the needs of students, faculty and the office. It has specialized laboratories providing various platforms to under graduate and postgraduate students. Synchronizing with the rhythm of Globalization, the college has established a computer center, the lifeline of every sphere of activity. The college has 7 Computer centers is housed with SEVEN servers and 515 number of terminals. The facility is completely networked and it possesses I-NET connectivity too. The computer center has the latest systems and configurations supported by licensed software such as

  • Microsoft Visual studio 2008,Red hat Linux, Microsoft Office 2003,Symantec Endpoint protection antivirus v11.
  • Oracle 10g Enterprise Edition.
  • Globareina – ELCS Software.
  • Visual Basic 6
  • Kaspersky Antivirus Software’s to protect the PC’s from harmful trojens and viruses.
  • the college have 5 computer lab's.
  • The institution totally interconnected all the engineering. The center has developed application packages for the institution regarding payrolls, student attendance, time tables, academic and general student information, library and office information which are now under alpha testing.