The Department of Computer Science and Engineering in KMMITS, with its cohesive team of faculty members, imparts education to bachelors (B. Tech- Computer Science Engineering) candidates in its discipline. The curriculum is a blend of conventional and the radical. It is updated regularly to keep up with the growing demands and changing trends of the software industry and the research laboratories. It also provides an outstanding research environment complemented by superior teaching for its students to flourish in.

The Department comprises of skilled and dedicated faculty and state-of-art computing facilities. This, combined with the systematic teaching methodology and syllabus in line with the current technology, has ensured excellent results at both University examinations as well as competitive examinations by the students. There are ample opportunities for those inclined towards research as well, with experienced faculty and a wealth of resources.

In order to fulfill the objective of achieving academic excellence, the department is equipped with all infrastructure viz. Highly qualified teaching faculty, state-of-the-art computing facilities and a sophisticated library housing voluminous text books and periodicals. In addition, the following common facilities also contribute to the quality of teaching-learning process.

The faculty actively involved in research activity in the areas of Image Processing, Data Mining, Embedded Systems, Software Engineering, Computer Networks and published papers in various national and international conferences to inculcate spirit of research to young students. One of the faculty was handling UGC major Research project.

a. 2 Mbps leased line for access to internet.
b. Computer Labs
c. E-learning & Research Center

The department has been putting up impressive performance in terms of percentage of passes at the university examinations, Project works etc. keep the students current with the industry needs. The practical skills of the students are honed by the laboratory experiments designed keeping in mind the cutting edge technology in the Computer Science field.