Amongst all the engineering professions, civil engineering stands out to be oldest. Civil engineering has contributed enormously to the human civilizations of this planet in a way no other engineering profession can ever match with. Over thousands of years civil engineers have been shaping the earth into one of the most beautiful planets. Civil engineering is all about the design, construction and maintenance of natural and human built environment..

This requires a thorough understanding of the basic concepts of physics and calculus and progressive understanding of the concepts of geology, soil mechanics, structural analysis, hydrology and environmental engineering. The major specialties in civil engineering are structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, hydrological engineering, and environmental engineering.

The highly qualified, experienced and motivated teaching faculty from all the major specialties of Civil Engineering at KMM Institute of Technology & Science has committed itself with a missionary zeal in shaping the budding engineers into thoroughly professional civil engineers.

Towards achieving this goal, all the laboratories are being established with some of the best equipment and well trained laboratory personnel. Substantial budgetary plans and provisions have been made for making the national and international journals available to the students to keep them abreast of the latest developments in all the fields of civil engineering.The AICTE approved intake of the department is 60.